25 Days of Kindness

On December 1, we started our 25 Days of Kindness celebration. Each day, Ar-We-Va will recognize students nominated by our teachers and staff as always being kind. These students exemplify what it means to be a ROCKET! Thank you, students, for being kind and making Ar-We-Va a great place to learn! 

Naomi Blackford & Macie Eich

Elaina Geake & Kyler Bruch 

Riley Adams & Tegan Wittrock

Lydia Dose & Marissa Schrad

Hannah Dose, Jerzie Bruch, & Kali Warnke

Ruby Toft, Jase Lawler, and Autumn Crews

Olivia Mau, Trista Reis, and Teddi Buhs 

Bo Nagl, Henry Jackson, and Allison Skinner

Kree Gallagher and Emmett Neumann 

Jack Musfeldt and Ellie Stolt 

Lane Kraus and Achidan Christensen

Johnathan Riesselman and Gracelynn Wessel

Azaya Martinez and Henrik Hundling

Esme Weller, Amber Ragaller, and Clayton Vetter

Acelyn Hawley and Garrett Blackford 

Adah Charlot and Ella Bierl 

Maira Jaime and Claire Lenz 

Keely Kramer and Taylor Lapel 

Annalee Whittrock and Vivian Blackford 

Elijah Lavana and Levi Lenz 

Liam Petersen and Sophia Dirks 

Charlie Musfeldt and Joshua Quintanilla 

 CJ Grassrope and Mason Stork

Hallice Gehling and Drey Reis

Sebastian Kraus, Cora Erps, and Alston Carr (Not Pictured)