All-State Honors


Being named an "Outstanding Performer" is the highest honor an individual or
group can receive from the Iowa High School Speech Association.

Students first have to receive a I rating at the district level to advance
to the state contest. At the state level, students need to receive
outstanding nominations from at least two of three judges to be named as an
"Outstanding Performer".

A very small percentage of speech participants receive these nominations at
the state level. As an example, one year in the recent past, approximately
347 schools and 24,000 students started at the district level. Of those,
only 126 schools and less than 1,700 students earned the right to be named
as an "Outstanding Performer".

Being named an "Outstanding Performer", however, does not necessarily mean
the individual or group will perform at the All-State Festival. A ranking
system is used to determine the "Performing" and "Non-Performing"
Outstanding Performers.