Individual Speech

We will load the bus at 6:15 and depart by 6:30. Our last performer is around 3:00; however, I will wait until the ballots are all in so we may not be able to leave until 3:30-4:00. We have 18 students and 22 events.

There will be a bus driver/coach lounge in the Library with coffee and snacks for the driver.

There will be a $3 suggested donation at the door for guests. Concessions will be available throughout the day as well. Below is the schedule of events. Times are VERY Approximate:

Time                            CTR                     STUDENT                                            PROGRAM

7:55 Draw/ 8:25          IX                       Tyler Brunner                                         RN
7:55 Draw/8:30           IX                       Randy Thomsen                                    RN
8:50                              VIII                     Jacob Kelly                                             AF
10:15                            VI                       Cami Cochran                                        LP
10:15                            V                        Tyler Brunner                                         IM
10:30                            VIII                     Cassie Luetje                                         LP
10:30                            XI                       Alyssa Buren                                          PR
10:35                            IV                       Kyle Liechti                                             OO
10:40                            VII                      Brittany Williams                                  SS
11:30                            II                         Olivia Mumm                                        ST
11:45                            III                        Camille Mumm                                    PO
12:30                            II                         McKenzie Greve                                   ST
12:40                           X                          Molly Hawley                                       PR
12:45                           XIII                      Kyle Liechti                                           AF
12:55                           V                          Randy Thomsen                                  IM
1:00                              III                        Millicent Cameron                              PO
2:20                              III                        Cami Cochran                                      PO
2:30                              IX                        Colton Lilleholm                                 AF
2:30                             VIII                      Alec Brungardt                                     LP
2:35                             X                          Paige Danner                                       PR
2:35                             V                          Gunner Cornelius                                IM
3:00                             II                          Stacey Rosener                                   ST