Ar-We-Va Installs Secure Door System

Ar-We-Va Community School District has installed an audio/camera security door system on the elementary and middle/high school entrance doors. Visitors to the school will need to ring the buzzer, wait for a response, and a staff member will unlock the door during the school day. The audio/camera security door system was purchased using PPEL (Property, Plant, Equipment Levy) Funds.

Our district currently has the voter PPEL in the amount of $1.34 per $1,000 of property valuation. The board of education has placed the Voter PPEL public measure on the September 12, 2017 ballot. Please vote "Yes" to continue this levy.

The district plans to use the PPEL funds to continually improve and maintain our current buildings and grounds, technology, transportation and equipment for students and staff. Please note that staff salaries or supply expenditures must come from the district's General Fund.

Over the last year, Ar-We-Va CSD has utilized PPEL Funds for the following expenditures:

1. Audio/camera security door system
2. Painting gymnasium walls and mural
3. Refinish gymnasium floor
4. School bus
5. Network upgrades
6. Restroom and shower upgrades
7. Stage lighting
8. Projectors for classrooms
9. Window air conditioners for computer lab
10. Handrails in the building
11. Land improvements for water issues
12. French horn

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