Box Tops for Education goes digital

Box Tops for Education. .  Box Tops is going DIGITAL!

After 23 years of clipping Box Tops, people across America can now ditch the scissors for their smartphones, earning cash for schools with the simple push of a button. Since Box Tops for Education launched in 1996, 70,000 schools have earned more than $913 million, and now the program is saying goodbye to old-school clipping and going digital with a new and improved mobile app. And to celebrate the big news, schools across America will have a chance to win one of five $20,000 makeovers.

As soon as Box Tops supporters download the free app – available via iTunes App Store and Google Play – they simply select the school they would like to support. Then, users scan their store receipt, which automatically identifies all participating Box Tops products and bonus offers, and instantly adds cash to their school’s earnings online.

Receipts must be scanned within 14 days of purchase. The earnings from each qualifying purchase are visible in the school’s and individual user’s accounts, making it easy to track how much cash supporters have raised for their school.

All participating products will feature a Box Tops for Education label on the packaging. Traditional Box Tops clips will remain on some product packaging during the transition and will be accepted when validly submitted by a school coordinator until they expire. Better yet: most participating brands are allowing supporters to “double dip” by clipping unexpired traditional Box Tops clips to send to school AND scanning their receipt in the new mobile app.

Here is the link to sign up . Just put in 51467 and signup (free) and help AWV.  So far this year you have helped AWV earn $3,873.60!  WOW.  Thank you, everyone, for helping the kids and teachers do more for the students!