Continuous Learning Update (Office Hours)

Elementary: In an effort to provide more regular feedback, we will move our packet delivery to weekly instead of biweekly. Packets will be available to pick up starting on Fridays at noon until the following Monday at noon. Completed student work to be turned in will follow in the same manner. Each class will have a designated area to pick up individualized packets as well as an area to turn in completed work for feedback. Teachers will return student work that they have provided feedback on in the new packets as we move forward with this model. This will take effect this Friday, April 24th.

Secondary: Each 6th-12th grade teacher has created office hours in which they are available to video conference with students through Zoom or Google Meet. Please check your email and Google Classrooms for more information. This is a time for students to receive help and/or feedback from their classroom teachers. The office hours are posted on our website as well as our Facebook page. Office hours will begin Monday, April 27th unless otherwise communicated by teachers.

We will still operate under the voluntary learning model for the remainder of the year, and more information about upcoming events will be released early next week.