Ar-We-Va Wellness Policy Notice

In November, 2018, the Ar-We-Va School Lunch Program completed a comprehensive audit from the Iowa Department of Education’s Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services. This audit is conducted every three years, and this current Wellness Policy will be reviewed each academic school year to ensure all guidelines, procedures, and regulations are updated and in place. The review may be conducted by cooking staff, administration, committee members (such as the CSIP committee), and others where applicable.


As a part of the audit, the Ar-We-Va School Lunch Program is required to submit a narrative of the report to the community and to the stakeholders of the school district. In an attempt to comply with this directive, the following report addresses any and all corrective actions made. The Wellness Policy Notice revisions were submitted and approved by the Department of Education, January, 2019.


  • The promotion of wellness goals and nutrition education is offered throughout all grade levels.  Some wellness goal-setting opportunities, including but not limited to Health, Physical Education, and Science. Lessons and activities that may incorporate nutrition education may include, but are not limited to Math, Reading, and Social Studies.


  • According to the Iowa Department of Education Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services guidelines, should elementary students provide snacks (not sold) for their classes or class members during Take Ten time or for class celebrations, snacks and beverages are to be healthy, and/or commercially-made, prepackaged items. A list of suggestions for healthy items may be sent home by individual teachers.


  • According to the Iowa Department of Education Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services guidelines, food sold to students during the day would be placed in the Ar-We-Va Middle School/High School lobby vending machine. These items must meet the qualifications for healthy snacks, which is determined be the measures listed in the Smart Snack The binder is placed in the Ar-We-Va Middle School/High School office, as well as, in the kitchen with the cooking staff. Items sold, for activities, in the concession stand, are not available until one half hour after the close of the school day. This procedure helps to insure that only healthy items are sold during the academic day.


  • All Ar-We-Va students are provided the required amount of exercise and physical activity goals and opportunities to meet state standards. MS/HS students have physical education, and Elementary students have physical education, as well as, recess twice daily.


  • Other School Based Activities include the Annual Ar-We-Va School Healthy Walk. This walk includes staff and students and incorporated into the October Wellness Week activities. Wellness week (for the elementary) includes other facets of health, including, but not limited to social, emotional, dietary, and goal-setting for the future.


  • Closing notes - Lunch menus are designed by our partnering schools food director (Carroll Community School District Nutrition Services), and are reviewed by the Ar-We-Va Nutrition staff. In addition, should any specific dietary needs for a specific student or students, the Ar-We-Va Nutrition staff will make accommodations. We continue to strive to make our school lunch program and healthy activities pertinent and essential to the well being of our students.


Rosemary Cameron, Ar-We-Va Elementary Principal/Wellness Policy contact (submitted: January 2019).