Athletic Guidelines

Guidelines and Chain of Command When Talking to the Coach

  • -The student athlete must talk with the coach first before parents and administration will get involved.
  • -If a meeting involving the athlete, coach, parent, and AD/Principal is needed, we will set a time and a date that works best for all parties.

Guidelines for Meeting:

  • -It will take place at least 24 hours after a game.
  • -The athlete that is asking for the meeting is the only persons name that will be brought up. If other names are brought up the meeting will be terminated immediately.

Taking Care of Equipment / Jerseys

The school and booster club purchase equipment and jerseys for practices and games. Please take care of them. They don’t belong to the student athlete. They are loaned out to them to use throughout the season. We understand that there is going to be normal wear and tear on the equipment being used. However, equipment that is lost or abused may need to be replaced by the student athlete.


On the right side of the page you can search for each individual activities calendar. Just check the calendar that you would like to view. From there you can print the calendar as well. 


Please try to encourage your kids to participate in the activities offered here at Ar-We-Va. If participation continues to decrease in our activities, it may require administration to start cutting some of those activities. Once we lose them, they will NOT return to AWV. They will be lost to a sharing agreement with another school district, or not offered at all. 

We understand that some activities may not be your child’s favorite, however, if everyone has that some thought, there won’t be many activities that will be able to survive. It takes a number of kids committed and wanting to be involved to be able to sustain many of our activities.


When your student athletes are a part of an activity, please remember that attending practices is not optional but mandatory for them to be able to play. If athletes miss, there will be consequences. Whether it be missing playing time, not being able to suit up for a game, and the worse scenario, dismissed from the team or asked to be a manager due to a number of absences.  If a player is not there, they are missing out on knowing any new information that pertains to their activity. Therefore it makes it pretty tough to rely on them to know what to do without disrupting some of the flow of the team.