Mission & Vision Statement

AWV Educational Philosophy

"A Combination of Excellence"

Educational Philosophy of Ar-We-Va The Ar-We-Va Community School District is dedicated to promoting equal opportunity for a quality public education to enrolled students and toward being responsive to the educational needs, values, and aspirations of its citizens. The board believes that the school has an important role in helping to improve the quality of living in the community. Students of this community have the privilege of participating in formal education utilizing the students' present understandings to help them to grow in the present and prepare for a lifetime in our rapidly changing society. The board believes that each individual should be accepted into the educational program as that individual is, that each individual should be satisfactory adjustments to life. The dignity, the worth, and the uniqueness of each individual and that individual's heritage will be preserved. The Ar-We-Va Community Schools exist to develop and improve the academic instruction, curriculum and facilities so that every individual student will be provided with the opportunity to precieve and develop their potential for the benefit of self and society. A variety of educational experiences will be provided for the individual student in order to develop a positive self-concept and to become more fully aware of the needs of a complex society. These experiences will encourage the development of the students' abilities and identify their interests and goals in life. Each student will develop that ability to read with understanding, write with clarity, communicate with verbal effectiveness and to think and solve problems. An environment will be created within which students will be encouraged to be honest, responsible, and productive citizens in our democratic society.

AWV Mission Statement:

Ar-We-Va will provide each student with a world-class curriculum within a caring environment, preparing life-long learners to be productive, responsible citizens in the 21st Century.